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Great Indian Curry Recipes

Preparing a traditional curry at home gives you an immense pleasure!

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Add a bit of Spice!

Spice is like sunshine! It fills our life with joy and happiness

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All about Curry2Night

Hello! Namaste! Adaab!

Going out for a curry tonight? Or thinking of cooking a tasty curry at home? Whatever your plans are, Curry2Night is here to help you with all the info, tips and tricks that make your curry night a great one! It’s all about 2Night, the tasty Indian Curry2Night…


You might want to have a curry in your favorite restaurant or a takeaway or try a new curry recipe at home, we got all here at curry2night! Your favorite restaurant menus, your corner takeaway reviews and real and tasty recipes are all here. Curry2Night aims to make your curry night a great and tasty experience by providing information and inspiration. Become a fan of curry2night and experience the world of tasty and healthy Indian cuisine.

Thank you for being here at Curr2Night!

Why Curry?

Curry is the ‘King’ in the food kingdom of UK. We in Britain, got over 12,000 Curry Houses and on average, have over a million curries a week!
The unique taste and rich gravies invite us to taste a curry, at least once a week. Research and scientific evidence show that the ingredients used in curry – like turmeric, garlic, ginger, curry leaves, coriander and many other spices, both fresh and dry – are good for our long term health and well being (as a part of a balanced diet).


Many of us feel nervous about tasting a curry – thinking that it is only for the brave hearts who can take the heat of chillies, and other spicy ingredients.
But, even if you have never tasted a curry or scared of spicy dishes, you can still try a mild and nice one – that is delicious and very healthy for you.
Start with our mild curry recipes to try at home, before you ever plan to taste one in a curry house.

My First Curry

First Kiss, First Job, First car and now, First Curry – will you ever forget? What memories of your first curry you have? Hot? Nice? Or tasty? Whatever was your experience, that would remain in your memories for quite a while. Love to hear your ‘first curry’ story! Why not tell us using our contact page or social media like Facebook or Twitter?

Our aim at Curry2Night is to make your journey into the curry world as enjoyable as possible – with explanation of each curry type, their ingredients, and their description – taste, texture and it’s influence on our health. We will endeavor to keep you fully informed – so that you will have a good curry experience and memories to cherish.

Are you still a curry virgin – not ever dared to taste an Indian curry?

Indian Curry need not be frightening – you can have a mild, tasty curry like Kerala Fish Curry, which is full of flavors or Simple Chicken Curry, made with genuine and fresh simple ingredients – and then decided whether an Indian Curry is for you or not! Please visit our Recipe section for fantastic recipes that make your mouth watering!

Introduction to Indian Curries…

The word ‘Curry’ might be originated from ‘Kaari’ (Tamil) or ‘Koora’ (Telugu) or ‘Saaru’ (Kannada), but it has captured the essence of fine Indian cooking – all over the world. Many metros and most countries of the world today host an Indian Restaurant or a Takeaway.

Like any other cuisine of the world, Indian Cuisine also invoices frying, boiling, or roasting the meat or vegetables, but the use of exotic spices, methods and cooking techniques to achieve superior taste and aroma make Indian Curries special in culinary world. From simple cumin seeds to curry leaves to rich spices like cloves, cardamom and saffron are used in Indian Cuisine to achieve the required taste, colour and aroma that is unique to Indian Curries.

The A, B, Cs of Indian Curry!

Although it looks complicated, with some reading and trials, anybody can cook an Indian curry!
Whether you like meat or you are a vegetarian, you can taste a curry and become a fan of curry instantly – just make sure you start with mild, but tasty and authentic curry!

Curry2Night is here to help you find the best suitable curry house, or a curry recipe for you. And also committed to provide you all the nice things around the curry night experience – entertainment, health benefits and much more! Have a great curry, 2Night!



The smell of roasted spices, the touch of fresh ingredients and the taste of authentic home cooked Indian curry! At Curry2Night, you will find many mouthwatering Indian recipes to cook at home.

Real Recipes

Real recipes originate from the of households of Indian folks.They are authentic, tasty and use natural ingredients. These recipes are passed onto future generations by their parents, grandparents or even an elder from their community. Real Recipes are refreshing to taste since they are different from the ones what we eat in curry houses.


Curry2Night has a collection of finest and the tastiest Real Recipes for you. Please go ahead and start the adventure. Remember, in the UK we can find nearly all the ingredients to make these real recipes at home and prove that you can be a real hero of Curry Kingdom!

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Regional Recipes

India is a vast country with vibrant cultures and variety of tastes.


From south to north and west to east, you find exotic recipes – they are so different, yet connected by some great ingredients and tastes. Madras, Vindaloo are from south, Biryani is from central, and many more dishes from all over the country, at Curry2Night, we have all the regional recipes for you to get cooking!

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Restaurant Recipes

Going for a curry night is a part and parcel of our going out life. We enjoy a crunchy poppadam with mango chutney, a nice chicken shashlik starter and a spicy madras dish in a nice curry restaurant or a takeaway near you.


But, is it possible to cook a your favourite curry dish at home? Of course! Curry2Night is here to guide a step by step process to make a Restaurant Curry dish at home with all the fresh and genuine ingredients at a fraction of the price.

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Spice is like Sunshine!

It adds happiness and joy to our life…
Indian meal is truly a feast – for all the senses: bright and colourful for our eyes, smell and aroma that mesmerises our nostrils and celebrating taste and texture for our taste buds. And don’t forget, enjoying the authentic curry with natural ingredients is also a great source for healthy life. Thanks to spices in Indian cooking, they contribute a lot to make the curry a fabulous choice for our Brits.

Fresh Spices give a refreshing taste and experience while Dry Spices provide rich and aromatic appeal to any Indian dish making your curry night a better night.

freshspicesmainThe aroma of roasted spices, like coriander seeds or fennel seeds, is enough to turn your mood into a positive and festive. Whether you wait for an ordered curry or preparing for yourself one at home, the smell of spices being cooked improve our feel good factor.

Please know more about Fresh Spice and Dry Spices to get into the world of Indian Cuisine.


Dry Spices

Dry Spices

Dry Spices add magic to an Indian Curry!

Fresh Spices

Fresh Spices

Healthy and Aromatic fresh spices transform the flavours!


Get to Know about Indian Curry Menus!

A Typical Restaurant Menu and it’s meaning in plain English!

A Menu of a takeaway or a restaurant is a passport to the voyage into the world of taste.
Ever wonder what each dish means to you? What is a vindaloo? Or what does shashlik contain in it as a main ingredient? Is Pulav and Biryani are one and the same? The doubts arising from all of us – the moment we are handed over menu, are endless.

Relax, Curry2Night is here to help you to understand the jargon of Indian curry menus!


Here is our effort to make you the marvel of curry menu jargon.




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