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Real Recipes

Bored of Takeaways and Curry Houses? Try our original Indian recipes from the sub-continent. Not only they taste amazing, but make use of fresh and genuine ingredients that are healthy too. Here is the list of Rear Recipes for you: Read more here.

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Regional Recipes

Indian subcontinent is full of magical flavours! Right from rich Kashmiri dishes of North to creamy Kerala Curries in south and spicy Punjabi cuisine of west to tasty bengali fish dishes in the east, there are infinite regional curry recipes in India for you. All the recipes are here at Curr2Night waiting you to try […]

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Restaurant Recipes

Chicken Tikka Masala or Lamb Rogan Josh? Classic Indian Restaurant recipes are full of joy to really enjoy a thorough Curry Night! Great British Chicken Tikka Masala to fiery Vindaloo dishes need a good try at home! Experiment and taste yourself Indian Curries at home! Please check them all here.

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