The smell of roasted spices, the touch of fresh ingredients and the taste of authentic home cooked Indian curry! At Curry2Night, you will find many mouthwatering Indian recipes to cook at home.

Real Recipes

Real recipes originate from the of households of Indian folks.They are authentic, tasty and use natural ingredients. These recipes are passed onto future generations by their parents, grandparents or even an elder from their community. Real Recipes are refreshing to taste since they are different from the ones what we eat in curry houses.


Curry2Night has a collection of finest and the tastiest Real Recipes for you. Please go ahead and start the adventure. Remember, in the UK we can find nearly all the ingredients to make these real recipes at home and prove that you can be a real hero of Curry Kingdom!

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Regional Recipes

India is a vast country with vibrant cultures and variety of tastes.


From south to north and west to east, you find exotic recipes – they are so different, yet connected by some great ingredients and tastes. Madras, Vindaloo are from south, Biryani is from central, and many more dishes from all over the country, at Curry2Night, we have all the regional recipes for you to get cooking!

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Restaurant Recipes

Going for a curry night is a part and parcel of our going out life. We enjoy a crunchy poppadam with mango chutney, a nice chicken shashlik starter and a spicy madras dish in a nice curry restaurant or a takeaway near you.


But, is it possible to cook a your favourite curry dish at home? Of course! Curry2Night is here to guide a step by step process to make a Restaurant Curry dish at home with all the fresh and genuine ingredients at a fraction of the price.

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