What is a Real Recipe?

A real recipe is an authentic, original and tasty recipe that is easy enough to cook at home. Looks unreal? Not if you follow the step by step methods explained in our Real Recipes at Curry2Night! Once you try, you can believe it yourself.

Why Real Recipes?

  • They are real because they use genuine ingredients.
  • They are real because they are honest and simple.
  • They are real because these recipes are tried, tasted and trusted for generations and taught by their ancestors.

Real Recipes Easy to Cook?

Good news is you can try and taste these dishes on a daily basis and still maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Vegetarian Market

The Real Indian Recipes are cooked daily in millions of Indian kitchens. Using natural ingredients and age-old techniques we can achieve the same real tastes at our home.

Now it is even easier to cook yourself these recipes here in Britain, thanks to our big supermarkets and local corner shops! World food aisles in major supermarkets now stack up curry ingredients making our real curry culinary cruise a bit easier. A step into the local asian markets is also another way of finding more specialist spices if you are a discerning curry lover. And at much better prices if you are buying in bulk.

You can get fresh Indian curry ingredients almost as good as what you find in Indian markets right here at your doorsteps. You only need to know what ingredient to use when and how much. That is where Curry2Night is at your disposal with loads of real Indian recipes, top tips and ways to enjoy your curry night.

Try Real Recipes

A selection tasty authentic real curry recipes for you to try at home. Most ingredients for these recipes are readily available in our major supermarket aisles.

Best Bhindi Masala Okra Curry

Best Bhindi Masala Okra Curry

Bhindi or okra is also known as ladies finger in some regions makes excellent vegetarian curry, the Bhindi Masala. Loaded with rich vitamins and minerals, bhindi is considered as a healthy vegetable that forms part of your 5 a day. Many wonder what people, particularly the Indians, do with this slimy and sticky vegetable? If […]

Amazing Aloo Mutter Potato Spinach Curry

Amazing Aloo Mutter Potato Spinach Curry

Another flavoursome recipe using potatoes and spinach to create an enjoyable curry recipe. On their own, we are a bit hesitant to make potatoes and spinach into our mealtime. But, combining them to produce this delicious Aloo Palak recipe is a treat for vegetarians and vegans. You will no more feel dull and plain to […]

Lovely Tender Lamb Biryani Recipe

Lovely Tender Lamb Biryani Recipe

A signature dish prepared with fine quality aromatic basmati rice and tender lamb pieces that takes you into the flavour heavens. Use of generous luxury spices like cardamom, clove, star anise, saffron, tej patta (Indian bayleaf) and other powder mixes makes biryani a highlight of indian cuisine. Although the name Biryani has its origins Persian, […]

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