Bhuna Curry Main

Bhuna curry gets its name from the way the dish is cooked. Using little or no water but mainly oil to fry ingredients and exotic spices with tomato based sauce. Known to have originated in Bengal, this medium spicy curry is rigorously cooked in high heat with traditional spices.

Bhuna translates to dry fried dish achieved by cooking for a longer time. The moisture from tomatoes or any added water will evaporate by continuous cooking resulting in a rich, spicy and tasty bhuna curry.

For an inquisitive curry lover, this dish is a celebration. Exploring the curry world with this type of dish is really enjoyable to make your curry night a complete one.

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About Bhuna Dishes

‘Bhuna’ is a hindi word to describe the cooking method. Literal meaning of bhuna is to cook spicy sauces rigorously using generous amounts of oil.

Preferably very little or no water added during ‘bhuna’ or continuous cooking.

Regarded as one of the spicy curries, but not a super hot curry. Probably the absence of any soothing yogurt or cream, a bhuna dish might taste spicier.

Bhuna curry dishes appear to be red hot due to the use of tomato puree, but longer cooking of spices actually infuses flavours into the meat and tastes really good.

Plenty of finely chopped tomatoes, onions and freshly roasted exotic spices form the flavourful sauce to cook meat or chicken continuously in generous amounts of oil results in a tasty curry dish Bhuna.

It’s the cooking time that gives the unique spicy flavour to Bhuna dishes.

‘Bhuna’ refers to the way the curry ingredients are continuously cooked to enable any moisture in tomatoes to evaporate and present a fingerlicking curry. The bhuna main curries are mainly available in chicken and meat varieties.

Due to the favourite flavours of bhuna, recently vegetarian and vegan bhuna dishes can also be ordered in curry houses.

A raita to accompany this main is recommended to balance the dryness of bhuna. Chicken or lamb bhuna dishes go well with naan bread.

Want to enjoy your bhuna with rice? Basmati rice is the one to go for with bhuna dishes.

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