Cheese Naan Indian Side Menu

How to take an ordinary plain naan into the next level? Adding cheese to the usual naan results in an extra special cheese naan. If you like cheese and enjoy it with a heartening hot curry, then the best side to order that accompanies your favourite curry is cheese naan. This interesting style of naan bread is filling as well as satisfying when enjoyed with a main curry of your choice.

Cheese may be filled in or sprinkled over while cooking this particular naan bread in a tandoor, the traditional clay pot for that smoky taste and crispy finish. What a better way to enjoy your curry night by ordering this special naan bread that contains gooey melted cheese!

Cheese naan may be prepared with a plain naan method or for extra tasty it is infused with garlic and coriander. Just ask the curry house chef what your preference is, and get most out of your curry night with this awesome side along with your spicy mains curry.

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About Cheese Naan Side

No, cheese naan is a side dish from the Indian Menu whereas Pizza is an Italian main course meal. Cheese is sprinkled over or filled in a traditional naan bread recipe for extra flavour and filling feel.

Usually naan bread is cooked in a tandoor, the traditional clay oven of India that hails from Punjab province.

Pizza recipe includes toppings of various ingredients like veggies, meat, chicken and/or seafood with a tomato based puree applied on top of the pizza bread.

In curry houses these type of naans not served with any other topping other than cheese.

Although any grated cheese is used in preparing the cheese naan, mozzarella is our favourite.

If you are a fan of a particular type of cheese, why not mention it while placing your side order? Usually curry houses are great to honour the customer requests.

A typical curry house cheese naan contains sprinkled over cheese.

However, the cheese lovers might go the extra mile and urge for cheese filled naan bread for extra satisfying points. Probably the fine dining restaurants serve cheese stuffed naan breads for enhancing the curry night experience of the cheese fans.

Apart from the enjoyment we get tasting a cheese naan, it also has health benefits.

Cheese is a great source of calcium and protein. Just be mindful of fat and salt contents when you order your side along with your main curry.

Since cheese is so much filling on its own, the naan bread that is flavoured with cheese is quite satisfying. Choose the curry mains that do not add too many calories, but pure flavours should score top points for a great curry night.

Vegetarian and seafood mains might help you maintain a healthier balance of your curry night.

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