Dopiaza Main Curry

The literal meaning of Dopiaza is ‘double onions’. In dopiaza, ‘Pyaj’ or ‘piaza’ means onions and ‘do’ (pronounced ‘tho’) refers to ‘two’ or twice in Indian language Hindi. Essentially dopiaza is a curry dish with generous amounts of fried onions in medium spicy gravy. The spices include cloves, black cardamoms, peppercorns, cumin and coriander powders that give dopiaza craving curry flavours.

Accidentally invented, but now dopiaza evolved into a proper curry dish and a popular main in Hyderabadi cuisine. Since onion is used in two stages – while cooking and then to garnish, this main is preferred by the new curry tasters for its mild and inviting caramelised onion flavours.

Next time when you order a dopiaza, show your skills at curry house by saying ‘can I have spicy chicken with twice the onions please?’

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About Dopiaza Curries

In Hindi language ‘two’ is ‘do’ (pronounced ‘tho’) and ‘Pyaj’ is onions. So dopiaza is literally adding onions twice during the cooking process.

Dopiaza curries still contain exotic Indian spices like ground cumin, ground coriander, clove and cardamom for classic curry flavours.

This dopiaza main is delicious and milder than usual curry mains. Crispier with caramelised onion and flavourful with classic Indian curry spices.

If you are new to the curry world, and wants to taste a milder but aromatic curry dish, then dopiaza is a great main to start with.

Chicken Dopiaza is one of the most liked dopiaza mains enjoyed with pulav rice. Love lamb meat? Ask the chef at your curry house to prepare a personal lamb dopiaza.

If you are a fan of nicely fried and caramelized onions and enjoy classic curry spices with vegetables, there is always a vegetarian or vegan version of dopiaza on your favourite menus.

Traditionally Hydarebadis like dopiaza curries with lavish pulao rice.

In most Britain’s curry houses dopiaza dishes are enjoyed equally with naan bread and a variety of basmati rice sides.

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