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An awesome amalgamation of flavours, colours, shapes and textures: all in a single dessert – that is falooda! Luxurious bright pink colour comes from rose syrup, interesting texture given by soaked Indian basil seeds and slurpy shapes come from the noodles in this complex and compelling dessert falooda. All these distinct ingredients are combined by delicious vanilla ice cream to present a unique dessert to amuse you.

Falooda origins are in Persian cuisine. Lovingly enjoyed worldwide, particularly in Indian subcontinent. Most of the curry houses in Britain serve cooling falooda as an exotic dessert after the hot curries. Of course it is filling and entertaining, but many curry goers taste falooda for its extensive ingredients and exciting flavours. Usually served in tall glass tumblers, falooda is a must try dessert if you want to explore a unique sweet dish as part of your curry night experience.

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About Falooda Dessert

Falooda originated in Persian culture, but enjoyed mostly in Indian food places. Most curry houses offer falooda on their dessert menus. Falooda is a complex dessert that contains ice cream, vermicelli, milk and soaked Indian basil seeds.

Contrary to the concept of Indian sweets being too sweet, falooda is a fusion of ice cream, generous rose milk and cooked vermicelli. Falooda tastes essentially like a kulfi dipped in rose milk and decorated with the soaked sweet basil seeds for an addictive texture.

There is a classic question about falooda: is it a dessert or a drink? Hence fans of Indian sweets want to clarify how to eat falooda?

Falooda is definitely a dessert that contains soaked sweet basil seeds, cooked vermicelli, a generous amount of rose milk and topped up with delicious vanilla ice cream. When served in a tall tumbler glass, it is recommended that a long spoon is used to enjoy falooda. It is OK to slurp the vermicelli, just be mindful of the guests near you!

Original recipe of falooda is made up of dairy vanilla ice cream and milk. It is not that easy to find a curry house to serve vegan falooda. If you are a vegan and love to try this exotic dessert, it is better to prepare falooda at home. 


Please head to our recipes section where you can find this easy to make and delightful to taste falooda dessert recipe.

Hyderabad is a south east central city, the capital of Telangana state. The cuisine of Hyderabad is inspired by mughalai flavours. A story says that Falooda was accidentally invented when excess milk was added to make a kulfi. The addition of sweet basil seeds, rose syrup and vermicelli are the highlights of Hyderabadi falooda.

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