Gajar Halwa Dessert

A very distinctive and delicious way of eating the humble carrot? The answer is gajar halwa. Carrot is called gajar in Hindi and halwa is a dense dessert essentially prepared by condensing milk. Gajar halwa tastes as good as it looks – with its bright color and decoration of luxury nuts. Most fine dining Indian restaurants offer gajar halwa on their desserts menu to enhance your curry night experience.

Gajar halwa could be a bit sweeter than usual western desserts. The lovely curry house chefs are always ready to prepare the gajar halwa dessert to suit your taste buds, just ask if you prefer a less surgery version of gajar halwa when you order. All the luxurious flavours of gajar halwa come from pure ghee, lavish spice cardamom and added raisins. If you are a fan of carrots and these indulging ingredients, then gajar halwa is the dessert you should try after your hot curry mains.

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About Gajar Halwa Dessert

It is not uncommon that most Indian desserts and sweets are literally a bit too sweet. Grated carrot dessert or gajar halwa is not much different to usual Indian sweets. Since gajar halwa is a festive specialily, the amount of sugar used to prepare this dessert is generous.

Enjoying gajar halwa in your curry house as part of your curry night? If you prefer a less sugary gajar halwa, mention it while ordering your dessert.

Carrot is considered an essential vegetable as a part of your 5 a day. Grated carrot is cooked in pure ghee (clarified butter) and rich cream or condensed milk, enhanced with fine Indian spices like cardamom and decorated with luxury nuts resulting in a healthy and flavoursome dessert.

Calorie conscious folks should be careful with the amount of sugar in gajar halwa or replace it with jaggery (gud) for a healthier option.

Gajar halwa or grated carrot pudding, as the name suggests, contains mainly carrots finely grated, condensed milk, luxury nuts, fine Indian spice cardamom and loads of sugar and ghee. You may add optional raisins to add an extra dimension to gajar halwa.

The selection of nuts for gajar halwa are pistachios, cashews and almonds.

Cardamom seeds crushed added to lift the flavour and aroma of gajar halwa.

Double cream or whole milk used in preparing gajar halwa to provide rich and creamy flavours. If you are vegan, please opt for almond milk (or coconut milk). Ghee gives an extra layer of luxuryness to the gajar halwa. For a vegan option, please use coconut oil.

Traditional and most widely offered gajar halwa is prepared with pure ghee and condensed milk. If you are vegan and want to enjoy gajar halwa is to prepare at home replacing milk and ghee with plant based milk (preferably with almond milk) and coconut oil.

It’s a pleasure to prepare gajar halwa at home, please follow our recipe in our recipes section.

It is a pleasure to cook gajar halwa at home. Simple and easy steps to follow to prepare gajar halwa at home. Gajar halwa cooking at home not only allows you to control the sugariness but also enables you to choose quality ingredients and can give options for vegans.

Very normal day to day ingredients and simple and easy steps result in an outstanding dessert in no time. Enjoy your bright and healthy gajar halwa at home!

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