Happy New Year 2021

Curry2Night wishes you a brighter, better and very Happy New Year 2020

Gosh, what an eventful year 2020 was? It will last in our memories for many years to come, whether for good or for bad. In January, we started 2020 as a great year hoping it’s the beginning of the new decade that brings so many new things into our lives.

Please be safe in New year too, follow Gov guidelines here.

But, what we invited into our world?

It of course changed our lives. The way we work, live, move, eat and interact with other humans. And it looks like it’s going to stay like this for a foreseeable future, at least into 2021?

2020 also taught us lessons in how we transformed ourselves - lifestyle, our perspective of our health, both inner and outer, to help fight with the virus and the physical and mental challenges we face.

Did you become more aware of what you eat?

Did you include new habits into everyday life for better and natural ways to live?

Hopefully you tried new ways for immunity and stronger health?

Did the natural spices play a vital role in boosting your vitality? It’s astonishing to hear so many folks now turned towards miraculous spice ‘turmeric’ for its antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Herbal teas became a usual hot drink while many enjoyed working from home.

We at Curry2Night did our bit to spread the awareness of plant based, natural and tasteful spices and their goodness to help stay healthier as a part of our balanced diet and eating habits.

Cardamom, cloves, star anise, black pepper, cumin, ajwain and fennel seeds are a few dried spices that we intensely used in our kitchen for flavorful meals and also for our long term health benefits.

Please, please, please - make spices part of your cuisine and reap the long term benefits to maintain a stronger immunity and of course a scrumptious meal every time!

We, at Curry2Night, are here with you to help choose the finest spices and tastiest recipes that will brighten your New Year 2021!

Together we can experience the beauty of ancient Indian curry flavours and stay fit and healthy even in these strange times and cold seasons.

Have a better, tastier and spicier New Year 2021!

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