JoJo Kebab

It’s a Persian inspired recipe quite popular in Telanga State of India. If you like Garlic, this recipe is for you! Invite friends and family and claim that this is a completely new and exciting recipe. It’s not too spice and it’s not too dull either. Makes the summer and BBQ season so special with your near and dear!


Chicken Breast 330 grams (preferably free range chicken)

Garlic 5 to 6

Lime juice 4 teaspoons

Cloves 2

Natural Yoghurt 2 table spoons

Green Chillies 2

Butter 10 grams

Salt to taste.



Cut chicken breast into medium pieces.

Grind garlic, cloves, butter, green chillies into paste and add yoghurt and lime juice to this mixture.

Add salt as required.

Marinate chicken with this mix for overnight in the fridge.


Oven cook or BBQ the marinated chicken pieces and serve with salad.


Lovely and melt in the mouth recipe, I think!

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