The origins of Curry and the wonderful colours of India.

Elephants, snakes, Taj Mahal, Delhi belly, fabulous curries, welcoming people and many other things come to our mind when we talk about Mystical India!


You visited the world? Now try India, you can see a different world and taste many worlds at one time. That is the biggest difference and mystery of India.

What to see?

From Himalayas in the North to backwaters in the South and hot desserts of Thar in the west to great Ganges planes in the east, you got so many world wonders to see in India. In between you have metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and many other cities and places of interest you can visit and stay. Natural wonders of rainfalls in Western Ghats, fabulous valleys of Kashmir, beautiful tea plantations in Assam and Darjeeling, ancient temple city of Chennai (Madras) the list is endless to tour.

Where to stay?

From Luxurious 5 star hotels like The Taj Mahal in Mumbai to budget city hotels at a throwaway prices, you are never short of fantastic hospitality with great food in the sub-continent.

Things to do:

It is now very common to go on an activity holiday to India that includes trekking in Himalayas, water sports in rivers, mountain biking in Kerala hill stations, Yoga retreats in many other states from UK. Popular tourist destinations like Taj Mahal, Konark Sun Temple, Kumbh Melas and so many other sightseeing holidays are always welcoming tourists across the globe.


Top ten guided tours in India: