Onion Bhaji Indian Starter

An irresistible Indian stater, ‘onion bhaji’ is the most liked finger food from the Indian subcontinent. Not just curry houses, but many supermarkets and snacking places now offer onion bhajis, thanks to its taste and popularity. Nicely sliced onions dipped in spicy besan (chickpea flour) batter to deep fry these finger-licking fitters. The besan batter is spiced up with coriander powder, chilli powder and selected secret garam masala for that addictive flavour.

Almost every region of Indian subcontinent got their own style of onion bhajis. ‘Pakoras’ or ‘pakodas’ as called in other states, are a great roadside crispier onion bhajis served with delicious chai. Most Indian households love to prepare these crunchy spiced onion bhajis as an evening snack for the whole family to enjoy!

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About Onion Bhaji Starter

The ingredients used for making pakoras and onion bhajis are almost the same, the subtle differences are their shape, size and cripsyness.Pakoras are much smaller pieces, whereas onion bhajis are ball shaped bigger portions.

Pakoras are prepared with drier batter with less or no water resulting in very crispy fitters. Onion Bhajis on the other hand dipped in relatively thinner batter to fry for ball sized pieces.

Indulging and irresistible food is not alway going to be healthy, but now and then tasting onion bhajis should not spoil our fitness plan. Since onions can compensate for the deep fried unhealthiness of onion bhajis, enjoying onion bhajis once in a while is considered to be OK.

Just make sure to use a paper towel to remove the excess oil from the deep fried onion bhajis.

Bhajis are a popular finger licking snack item throughout India. Most popular bhajis enjoyed all over the country are:

Chilli Bhaji: Large size fresh green chillies are deseeded and stuffed with tamarind based tangy spice then dipped in besan batter to fry these amazingly tasty bhajis.

Mix Veg Bhaji (or Veg Pakora): From cauliflower to aubergine slices, any tropical veg is suitable for vegetable bhaji or veg pakoras.

Chicken Pakora: Marinated chicken pieces are used to prepare the chicken pakora in the similar manner using besan batter.

Boiled Egg Bhaji: Halved boiled eggs are dipped in spicy besan batter and fried for the melt in the mouth egg bhajis. What a tasty way to enjoy the otherwise boring boiled egg!

Spinach Bhaji: Large spinach leaves are dipped in besan batter once at a time and fried for the delicious spinach bhajis.

Potato bhaji: Thinly sliced raw potatoes are soaked in salted water and dipped in spicy besan batter for circular scrumptious potato bhajis.

Of course, the onion bhajis are very much suitable for vegans and vegetarians. All the ingredients in onion bhajis are plant based and healthy too.

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