Peshwari Naan

Hailing from Peshawar, the city in Pakistan, Peshwari naan is a luxurious Indian flat bread that contains lavish nuts, raisins and grated coconut. Upgrade your curry night feast with this lavish naan for the ultimate flavours and fun. Soft and succulent, at the same time rich and flavourful, this version of naan bread has a slightly sweeter tone too.

A great companion with hot and spicy curry mains.

Prepared by stuffing the sumptuous nuts, exotic dry fruits, this fluffy naan has tempting taste and tingling texture. Luxury nuts include almonds and pistachios, the dry fruit collection contains sultanas or raisins and dried and grated coconut.

Peshwari naan is also a feast for your eyes, because it is decorated with flaked almonds and sometimes nigella seeds for the original naan recipe flavours.

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About Peshwari Naan

As the name suggests, Peshwari naan has its origins in Peshawar, a northern city of Pakistan. It is a luxury version of our humble popular plain naan. It contains rich and tasty nut flakes and dry fruit combination to enhance the flavours for an extravagant curry night experience.

Every curry restaurant or takeaway got this lavish naan bread on their menus in the sides section.

You will love this posh naan bread for its fluffy and soft form with a hint of sweetness from the dry fruits.

To uplift the usual naan bread, the clever curry house chefs add fancy nuts and dry fruits selection.

Almond and pistachios are the luxury nuts along with raisins and grated dry coconut mix stuffed in while preparing this sumptuous naan bread.

Resulting in an irresistible version of flatbread that goes so well with your hot and spicy curry mains.

As the ingredients in this fabulous flat naan bread used for stuffing to create a luxury side dish are almond and pistachio nuts, this is not suitable for nut allergic people.

Please also make sure that coconut and raisins are suitable for you before you order this naan bread for your curry main.

Yes, making this luxury flat naan bread at home is perfectly possible and fun too!

Preparing a Peshwari naan involves mixing dough, leavening it to rise and filling the dry fruit/nut mix before rolling into a crocodile face shape.

You can cook in a tandoor for authentic smoky flavour or in an oven grille then heat on a griddle for the texture.

To give a distinct luxurious flavour, the exotic raisins or sultanas added that provides a hint of sweetness to this lavish naan bread.

It is not that super sugary, but subtle sweeter that makes Peshwari naan much tastier.

Compared to other styles of naan breads, Peshwari naan is considered healthier due to its fruit and nut contents.

Please be mindful of the nuts in this naan, particularly if you are a nut allergic.

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