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Plain Naan bread has its origins in Persian cuisine. Prepared from plain flour, naan bread is cooked in a traditional clay oven called tandoor. The naan bread is a fluffy side dish for enjoying a tasty main curry on your curry night.

In Indian subcontinent maida (refined white wheat flour) is extensively used to make naan breads. Leavening the kneaded flour for a few hours before rolling and cooking in a tandoor makes naan bread fluffy inside and crispy finish outside. 

Adding milk and ghee during the flour mixing results in a creamy and melt in the mouth naan bread that intensifies the curry flavours.

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Plain Naan Bread

The ingredients used in making naan bread are maida or refined wheat flour (for best results use strong white bread flour), milk or yogurt, butter or ghee and optional nigella seeds.

It is not that hard to make a plain naan at home, if you already know a bit of baking. All the ingredients are easily available in supermarkets.

Use the strong white bread flour if you can’t get hold of maida. Prepare the dough similar to bread making with yeast and baking soda. Don’t forget to add milk (or yogurt if you prefer), nigella seeds and ghee while kneading the flour. Roll the dough like a crocodile face shape for the authentic looks.

You don’t really need a tandoor, but grille it in the standard oven.

Naan bread is a flat and thicker Indian bread that might look like a pita bread. But, unlike pita bread, naan bread is not eaten cold. Naan bread is best enjoyed freshly cooked or at least warm to scoop and eat an Indian curry.

Naan bread is the most enjoyed side dish with any curry. Eating naan bread in moderation is fine. Replace the refined white wheat flour with whole wheat flour if you are health conscious.

Naan bread is a fluffy elliptical shaped Indian flatbread prepared with maida. Milk and yeast is added to leaven the dough before rolling and then cooking in a tandoor.

Whereas a typical roti is made by rolling the kneaded wheat flour (known as chakki atta in Hindi) into a thin round shape and cooked on a flat pan called tava.

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