A curry night usually starts with a crunchy poppadom and a heartfelt conversation. Ever wonder what a poppadom is and how to enjoy your curry night before you even ordered a dish? Most curry houses serve complimentary crunchy poppadom as a starter with lovely and tangy chutneys. Know here all about poppadoms and the fun facts of crispy poppadoms.

The crunchy and slim circular yummy munching starter snacks are called poppadoms. Mostly fried in oil, poppadoms are the best way to start any curry night. Accompanied by mango or mint or hot chutneys, these crispy poppadoms will intensify our quest for spicy curries ahead.

Poppadoms are made from a variety of lentils, pulses and millets. The main ingredient is Urad dal flour (black gram flour) in our most popular poppadoms. The other varieties are made using besan (split chickpeas or gram flour), rice flour or even tapioca or potato extracts.

Poppadoms come in many shapes, sizes and flavours. Popular poppadom flavours come from adding the ingredients like black pepper, jeera, garlic, and chillies during the preparation.

The common way of cooking a poppadom is by frying, deep or shallow. During oil frying a poppadom nearly doubles in size thanks to baking soda added during the making of it.

Roasting poppadom on flame is also widely followed in India. That way it is healthier too. The best companions for a papadum are chutneys – mint, mango or mixed varieties.

Most of the curry houses serve reasonably fresh and good quality poppadoms as starters. If you are unlucky, your poppadom might not taste that good. Probably the reason for this may be the oil used to fry the poppadoms was out of date. Or not freshly prepared, but stored for many days before serving.

If you want to taste the best poppadom, buy the uncooked poppadoms from the world food aisle of supermarkets and deep fry in freshly heated sunflower oil for a few seconds. Not only tastes great but so much healthier too!

Do You Know

Fun Facts about Poppadoms...

  • Poppadom is also known as papad, appadam or papadum in other regional languages.
  • Do you know? ‘Lijjat papad’ is a multi million dollar brand operated by an all women cooperative society to manufacture and sell poppadoms in India and exported to all across the globe.
  • Each state of India has got its own variety of poppadom and called with different local names.
  • Some poppadoms come in multi colors and are specially sold for kids.
  • The actual name ‘Papad’ originated from the ancient language Sanskrit.
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Types of Poppadoms

Based on cooking method:
Fried, toasted, roasted

By main ingredient:
Urid, moong, chana, rice, besan, millets, sago seeds, mixed flour, jackfruit, potato

By flavour:
Jeera (cumin), black pepper, chilli, garlic, nigella, sesame

Serving style:
Masala poppadom

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