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Rasgulla is a white spongy ball shaped dessert made from ‘chenna’. Essentially chenna a milk product prepared by curdling milk and then draining for a couple of hours. A fabulous north east Indian sweet enjoyed during festivals and special occasions. Originated in the state of Odisha and perfected in Bengali cuisine, rasgulla is now a favourite dessert all over the world.

Since rasgulla balls are cooked in saffron flavoured sugar syrup, they are juicy and just melt in the mouth. The taste and texture of rasgulla sweets are so addictive, you will never say no to the second serving. The curry houses in the UK may not readily serve this dessert, but the Bengali community owned Indian restaurants sure offer this dessert on their menu. If it’s available, you must try and see what you think.

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About Rasgulla Dessert

It is a well known fact that most Indian desserts and sweets are overly sweet. Rasgulla dessert is not much different to the usual Indian sweets. Since rasgulla is actually cooked in sugar syrup, it tastes addictively sweet.

Although this dessert seems to be a bit sweeter, you can still enjoy rasgulla on your curry night. Since the soft, creamy and spongy chenna (curdled milk) balls compensate for the sugariness.

Since this sweet is a festive speciality and an indulging dessert, most rasgulla lovers ignore the calories in it. Apart from the goodness of milk, this dessert is not considered a healthy sweet.

Rasgulla is basically curdled and drained milk balls cooked in sugar syrup. Two very basic ingredients, but it may be flavoured with cardamom or saffron for extra richness.

Unfortunately this dessert is not suitable for vegans, since the chenna balls are made of curdled milk.

The process involved in preparing chenna leads the rasgulla lovers to opt for readymade ones. Many Indian sweet shops and most supermarkets sell canned rasgulla for you to enjoy at home.

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