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The smell of roasted spices, the touch of fresh ingredients and the taste of authentic home cooked Indian curry! It’s an experience to cook curry at home. Although there are an infinite number of curry recipes out there, here at Curry2Night, you will find a collection of genuine, authentic, tried and tested recipes. We have many varieties of Indian curry recipes in store for you to try, taste and decide. We are sure that you will find many mouth watering Indian recipes here. Let's start cooking!

Curry Recipes to try

You may find countless curry recipes out there. Why should you give a go with Curry2Night recipes? Because they are perfected for Brit's palates. Our recipes contain ingredients that are easy to find here in the UK and fun to cook at home for fuller flavours.


Do you know that the majority of households in India do not cook from a recipe book? Then how can they prepare such authentic, tasty and healthy curries at home? Is it experience? Or just a trial and error method of experimenting?


It is interesting to know that recipes, cooking tips and tricks are all inherited from their parents and grandparents. Some of the Indian traditional dishes are known for generations. And no one knows who invented them or how many centuries ago.


We humbly say our curry recipes are inherited from our ancestors. Traditionally taught for generations. We are grateful to our elders for their teachings to next generations. At Curry2Night we aim to document & share those wonderful recipes.

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Stuck with same curry flavours? Find fresh and new ideas here to cook from Real , Regional or Restaurant style recipes!

Real Indian Recipes

Real Recipes

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Regional Indian Recipes

Regional Recipes

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Indian Restaurant Recipes

Restaurant Recipes

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Tasty Indian Curry Recipes

It is now easier to cook a curry at home than before. Chicken or meat lover? Prefer Seafood curries? Or you are a Vegan or a Vegetarian, whatever your choices are,  Curry2Night got loads of FREE Recipes for you...

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Looking for variety of curry recipes that you can cook in at the comfort of your home? Find here many recipes to inspire you...

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