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Gujarati Recipes are famous for their gorgeous flavours, feasting colours and infinite varieties of vegetarian dishes. The cuisine is influenced by their colourful culture and festivals – exotic, flavoursome and variety. Not too hot, not too bland, but spices are nicely balanced by marrying the tastes with a hint of sweetness.

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Who would resist the famous 'Thali' of Gujarat? With numerous inviting items served in one jumbo plate, thali is just the beginning of Gujarat's world of flavours. How can we miss the exciting Garba festival for its  captivating colours and Dandiya Raas dances? A curry lovers heaven that must be explored for its unique tastes and vibrant culture.

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Gujarati community is one of the most established and populated communities in the UK. Leicester and some parts of London City are home of Gujarati communities and Gujarati dishes are widely available to taste here in the UK. To tickle your taste buds with nice and mild curries of Gujarat, you gotta try these recipes!

While the ‘curry’ is called ‘Kaari’ or ‘Koora’ in South India, it is known as ‘Shaak’ or ‘Sabji’ in general in North India, particularly in Gujarat. Besan flour (Chickpea flour), mustard seeds, sesame seeds, yogurt, lime and sweeteners like jaggery or sugar dominates many snacking recipes – like Dhokla, Khandvi, Khadi, etc.

Collection of Gujarati Curry Recipes

Want to taste distinctive vegetarian curries that have a unique sweet and tangy flavours? Gujarati recipes are what you should try! Countless varieties of colourful, delicious and unique dishes are found in this regional cuisine. Here are our latest Gujarati flavours for you to amuse you!

Spicy Achari Paneer or Tofu Recipe

Spicy Achari Paneer or Tofu Recipe

Achari dishes use traditional Indian pickle masalas. If you are a fan of hot and spicy dishes, achari recipes are for you. Packed with the punchy fenugreek and mustard seeds

Delicious Dalma Lentils and Vegetable Curry

Delicious Dalma Lentils and Vegetable Curry

Dalma is a delicacy from Odisha, a central eastern state of India. Odia cuisine is one of the very traditional, tasty and healthy cuisines of the world. Dalma is essentially

Best Bhindi Masala Okra Curry

Best Bhindi Masala Okra Curry

Bhindi or okra is also known as ladies finger in some regions makes excellent vegetarian curry, the Bhindi Masala. Loaded with rich vitamins and minerals, bhindi is considered as a