Maharashtra is the state of Mumbai (Bombay) where the food is celebrated as part and parcel of lifestyle. The street food of Mumbai to the rural varieties of remote villages – the range is wide and different. World famous Vada Pav (the staple street food of Mumbai metro), Sabdana Vada (vada made of sago seeds) and seafood varieties like Bombil Fry, Bangda Fry are synonymous to Bombay life and culture.


Mumbai is the home of Bollywood. The drama, the action and colours of Bollywood reflect in the food of Mumbai too. Movie lovers as well as the Bollywood stars love the street food of Mumbai metro. Pav Bhaji, Misal Pav, Bhel are just some of the street food varieties that poor, rich and the famous, all enjoy alike.

The busy life of Mumbaikars (the citizens of Mumbai) involve trying the metro food of Mumbai on daily basis. Here in the UK we have a long connection with the dishes like ‘Bombay Aloo’ and ‘Chicken Tikka Masala’ (derived from the recipe of ‘Butter Chicken’,  that is popular in Metro restaurants of Mumbai)

Once we know the popularity and the essence of Maharashtrian food, we too would like to cook here in the UK those recipes. Come on, let’s see if we can cook some Mumbai specials!

Zunka Bhakri
Bangda Fry
Bombil Fry
Veg Kolhapuri
Mutton Kolhapuri
Bharleli Vangi
Misal Pav
Vada Pav
Pav Bhaji
Sabdana vada
Sabdana Kichdi