Tangy Tamil Recipes

State of Madras might remind us of hot and spicy dishes, but Tamil recipes also offer a wide variety of tangy, tasty and unique flavours from this coastal region. Tamilnadu is a Southern State of India known for its ancient temples, oldest culture and traditional flavours. Not just their language, Tamilians are also renowned for some of their oldest recipes that greatly inspired whole southern provinces. If you are a fan of tasty, tangy and adventurous tastes, then Tamil cuisine is for you.

Traditional and Different

Why Tamil Flavours?

In the UK, when the urge for hot and spicy curry springs into our minds, we opt for a Madras variety and test our taste buds to the extreme levels of fierce flavours. But, Tamilnadu, the then Madras presidency is not all about hot and spiciness. From tangy vegetarian recipes inspired by tamarind to lovely and heartful stews influenced lentils - there are endless Tamil recipes that will encourage us to taste the Tamil cuisine.

Tamil Cuisine

Take sambar, a staple stew style lentil dish that is synonymous Tamil spiced recipes. No breakfast or even a meal at any time of the day is not complete without a bowl of sambar. It is a pure vegetarian dish that contains all the goodness of tropical vegetables particularly moringa sticks and tamarind. Loaded with protein rich lentils and spices, sambar is a must try stew from Tamilnadu.

Do You Know?

Interesting to know these facts...

  • Mulligatawny soup originated in Chennai (or Madras as known since British Raj times). Nearly every curry house of Britain offers this flavourful and hearty starter on their menus.
  • The name curry is said to be derived from Tamil word ‘kaari’ – meaning cooking of vegetables or meat in a rich gravy of spices to serve with rice. Now we know that our ‘curry’ roots are from Tamilnadu!

Now Try Tamil Recipes

Madras dishes are known for their hot and spicy flavours here in Britain. We also know the 'Chettinad' style curries are tangy and unique. But, that's just the tip of the iceberg! Tamil cuisine is full of traditional and regional varieties within this south east coast state. Let’s try some of these authentic and addictive Tamil recipes at home here in the UK!

Milagu Pongal | Easy and Healthy Tamil Recipe

Milagu Pongal | Easy and Healthy Tamil Recipe

Milagu Pongal or Venu Pongal is a savoury type of famous festive Tamil recipe from Tamilnadu state. When you are hungry and not have enough time and energy to cook…