Rich and Red Rogan Josh

A rich and extravagant Kashmiri meat dish ‘Rogan Josh’ is cooked with luxury spices using generous amounts of ‘ghee’ (clarified butter) for captivating curry flavours. Probably originated in Persia and brought to the Indian subcontinent by Moghuls, rogan josh is a favourite main of fine Indian restaurants.

Although it is considered as a garlic-tomato rich main, rogan josh uses authentic and aromatic spices like cloves, cardamoms, cinnamon sticks, Indian bay leaves and black pepper. A predominantly lamb dish with a hint of yogurt to balance the intense spices used.

Adding paprika (or Kashmiri chillies if you prefer) gives the brilliant rich red colour to the dish. If you are a frequent visitor to the curry world, this is a recommended dish for you to go deeper into the ocean of spices. A great weekend curry night favourite with friends and family and a bit of alcohol to make the event a special one.

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About Rogan Josh Main

Rogan Josh indeed looks like a red hot curry. But, it does not mean that rogan josh should be on the list of hot and spicy curries. The red colour of Rogan Josh comes from Kashmiri red chilli powder, chunks of red bell pepper and tomato cubes. Consider it as a medium hot curry with lots of aromatic spice flavours.

Rogan Josh is cooked in lavish ‘ghee’ or clarified butter with fabulously aromatic and rich spices like cardamom, cloves, cumin and Indian bay leaves for the ultimate and unique flavours. Not too hot, but extra special flavours with a hint of luxury, rogan josh is a royal curry dish to enjoy on a special curry night.

Along with the main meat ingredient, rogan josh contains chunks of colourful red bell peppers and tomatoes. Hence, it is a healthier curry with your 5 a day veggies and wholesome aromatic spices. A special curry dish with satisfying main meat for proteins and goodness of veggies.

Due to the luxurious flavours and rich ingredients of rogan josh, this curry main is served with all your favourite sides. Perfect with basmati rice and naan bread. Most of the sides enhance the testes of rogan josh for your great curry night.

Many Indian restaurants and takeaways serve rogan josh in a variety of options. Most common one is lamb rogan josh. The authentic rogan josh uses mutton as its main ingredient.

Kashmiri cuisine offers ‘kokur rogan josh’ or chicken rogan josh.

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