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The curry made using the greens is known as ‘saagwala’. Saag in Hindi refers to green leafy vegetables, mostly spinach, mustard leaves or various tropical edible green leafy veggies.

Curry houses transform boring and basic veggies by adding to the main curry ingredient and spice it up for a tasty curry. Saagwala is such a pursuit to present a scrumptious dish that not only tastes wonderful but also presents a healthy curry course.

Half steamed fresh spinach is pureed and cooked with main item, typically chicken or lamb by adding curry spices like turmeric, cumin, clove, cardamom and bay leaves for the alluring taste and inviting colours. The sauce resulted in pureed green spinach and exotic spices go well with the naan bread munching, but also suitable with rice dishes.

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About Saagwala Main

Saag is spinach or palak and the curry prepared by blending steamed and pureed spinach into a chicken or meat or seafood curry known as saagwala.

Most popular saagwala main dishes are chicken saagwala, lamb or mutton saagwala, machli (fish) saagwala. Vegetarian saagwala contains mainly potatoes or other seasonal veggies.

Saagwala is one of the healthiest curries that contains enough greens for the day. The easy way to achieve one of your 5 a day portions. Get your daily dose of vitamins, minerals and proteins when you opt for a saagwala curry.

Since saagwala boosts your daily intake of greens, health conscious folks ask for saagwala in their curry night feasts.

Flavours and feel good food in one when you order this main dish.

Saag in Hindi language is spinach or leafy green vegetables. Apart from the main ingredient like chicken, lamb or fish, spinach plays a major role.

Flavourful and aromatic Indian curry spices take a saagwala curry into another level to make it a favourite curry of health conscious folks.

This green leafy veg enriched main curry contains sophisticated spices to present a flavourful and aromatic dish, but that does not mean it is classified as a spicy curry. Saagwala is a wholesome and milder curry that even an amateur curry lover can enjoy very much.

Vegan versions of saagwala curry are gaining popularity, thanks to tofu and tempeh style ingredients that can make equally tastier curries of their meat varieties.

Your favourite curry house might already be serving the vegan friendly saagwala, if not ask your chef to create one for you.

Every curry house usually serves at least one type of saagwala dish, chicken or lamb saagwala mains being popular.

Similar to other classic curry dishes, you can order many options of saagwala curry. Chicken saagwala is probably the most favourite and widely served main dish, then the lamb version of it. Some discerning curry lovers go for seafood saagwala curry for the extra health benefits.

Aloo saag is the vegetarian version. With the abundant availability of tofu and tempeh in restaurants, a vegan version of saagwala is also being served lately.

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