Aubergine is also called ‘vangi’ in South Indian language, Kannada. And Baath means cooked rice. Although aubergine is generally oven cooked, barbecued or deep fried here in the UK, cooking a curry is most common in Indian subcontinent. Baingan Bartha, Tikka Baingan Masala, Stuffed Baingan Masala and many more varieties of aubergine curry recipes are popular and widely enjoyed with either rice or naan.

But, ‘Vangi Baath’ recipe is a delicious two-in-one dish which contains both aubergine and rice. The advantage of cooking vangi baath is you may use any type of aubergine – small, medium or large, purple, green or white or striped. Just make sure you do not cut into too small pieces. The flesh of aubergine cooked in the boiled rice nicely fits in and excites your taste buds with its texture and taste.

Aubergine Rice

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Let's us prepare Vangi Baath

Brinjal - 300 grams
Onions - 2-3 medium sized
Coriander powder
Chilli powder
Salt to taste
Rice - 1 cup
Water - 2 1/2 cups
Cooking oil - 2 tbsps
Finely chopped coriander leaves

1. Cut the brinjal & onions to not very fine pieces. If u cut the brinjals too fine, they will get mashed up and will lose their taste
2. Saute the onions till they get transparent. Then, add the brinjals
3. Add the spice powders and saute the curry for 4-5 minutes
4. Cook the rice in the quantity of water mentioned above. Do not overcook
5. Allow it to cool and then mix it with the curry just prepared above taking care to see that u do not mash them up
6. Garnish with finely chopped coriander leaves
7. Serve hot

Cut the aubergine into medium size pieces

Want to make it more aromatic? Add dried Indian bayleaves (called tej patta)

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