What is Vedic Farming?

Vedic Farming or Spiritual Farming is a method of producing agricultural products using natural nutrients and insecticides derived from plants without causing any harm to the local ecosystem. No chemical or synthetic pesticides or fertilisers are used in the entire farming process. For over thousands of years, since vedic times, the farmers from Indian subcontinent inherited these natural farming methods and hence known as ‘spiritual farming’. The beauty of Vedic Farming is, it is also very low or zero expense way of doing farming (and hence called ‘zero budget natural farming’)

A traditional farmer in a village in the interior part of India generally domesticate cows, oxen and other animals for helping his agriculture. The farmer’s land naturally contain trees like neem (Azadirachta indica) and other antibacterial plants. Vedic farming involves preparing the nutrients and plant based insecticides using the extracts of neem tree and cow dung and urine. The cost of these ingredients is either free or very low cost for the farmer. And the use of these prepared extracts proven to be excellent for plant growth and maintaining the health of soil for agriculture. On top of that these natural insecticides never cause any harm to the local ecosystem, instead it helps grow or thrive the natural colonies of local species.


Vedic Farming is based on the fact that most crops take nutrients from the soil only 1.5 to 2.0 %. Remaining 98 to 98.5% nutrients are taken from air, water & solar energy. If these nutrients are natural, plant based, free from dangerous chemicals or pesticides, then the resulting products from these crops are 100% natural. Not only healthy for humans to consume these products, but by using the natural nutrients and insecticides, the farmlands become more fertile, resulted in higher crop yield.

Why Vedic Farming?


The products of vedic farming are 100% natural. They taste original, have a very positive effect on the consumers, result in long term health benefits. Take the spices grown using vedic farming, their aromatic characters enhanced, remarkably taste different and produce top quality dishes when cooked.


The winners are not only the consumers, but the poor farmers. The typical Indian farmers greatly benefited from this zero budget natural farming, lowest costs and higher crops.


Modern farming methods use poisonous chemical fertilizers & insecticides causing destruction of millions of micro-organisms, destruction of birds, soil, water, environment. These chemicals have long term negative effects on human health also. Where as Vedic Farming encourages using natural nutrients extracted from plants like Neem and cow dung and urine. The use of these natural products in fact help flourish natural wildlife.



Subhash Palekar, the pioneer of Zero-Budget Natural Farming