Tasty Chicken Curry Recipes

The most favoured and flavourful curries ordered in curry houses in Britain are chicken curry dishes. From tasty tikka masala to hottest vindaloo and spicy Madras to mild korma curries when made with poultry are popular. Even the starters prepared with chicken like shashlik, tikka and tandoori are most preferred here in Britain. It’s our sincere effort at Curry2Night to introduce you to the tasty chicken recipes that you will love to cook and enjoy most at home.

Why cook a Chicken Curry?

With its white meat, easy to cook characteristics and convenience to find in all supermarket shelves, chicken is our comfort food. Above all, it is relatively inexpensive to buy and can be cooked in many ways. Coming to cooking a curry, not just Indian style, but Thai or Chinese curries are also made with chicken meat. The spices used in cooking a curry go well with chicken and enhance the flavours for a more delicious dish.

Chicken Curry Recipes

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Chicken Tikka Masala

Britain's best curry and nation’s favourite dish is Chicken Tikka Masala...

It’s no wonder our national dish is Chicken Tikka Masala, a succulent, colourful and most enjoyed curry in the UK. Surprisingly this Indian curry recipe originated, not in India, but right here in Birmingham and loved across Britain in every takeaway and restaurant. Although chicken tikka masala is our national dish and a popular curry, you got to try many other tasty chicken varieties. From starters like chicken tikka, chicken shashlik, chilli chicken, tandoori chicken to mains like butter chicken, chicken pasanda and many more varieties.


Do You Know

Interesting to know these facts...

  • Chicken can be cooked in many ways. Most common methods are baking, boiling, grilling, frying, and seasonally barbecuing.

  • Chicken is better option for health conscious than red meat because it contains less saturated fats and cholesterol concentration

  • Due to the modern farming methods, chicken is now the most favoured and affordable meat sold as fast food and also as a signature dish in fine dining experience

  • It’s astonishing to know that a few hundred years ago chicken was expensive and only enjoyed by the rich

  • Chickens were domesticated and raised in northern India thousands of years ago

  • We Brits consume on an average around 23 kg chicken per year

Cook Chicken Curry tonight

Do you like hot and spicy chicken curries or sublte flavourful chicken curries? Why not try unique regional or special festive chicken recipes at home? Curry2Night got plenty of tasty chicken curry recipes in store for you...

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Favourite Chicken Falvours

Try simple chicken curry recipes or restaurant style chicken dishes or signature and celebration type chicken curries at home

Tempting Tandooris
The Clay Oven that gives the tempting smoky flavour to meat, fish or veg dishes. Tandoori dishes prepared from these ingredients.
Tasty Tikkas
Tikkas are the highlights of Britain's curry collection. Chicken, paneer, fish or vegetarian - you can choose from a wide varieties. Either as a starter or as a main.
Delicious Danshaks
Essentially a meat dish with lentils and spices. A bit of lime and sugar added for sweet and sourness for a tasty curry.

Popular Chicken Curries to Taste