Sizzling Starters

How to start an enjoyable curry night? With a poppadom or with a samosa? Or with a shashlik or a tikka kebab? There are endless choices. Curry2Night got a collection of suggestions for you.

A starter to share or a starter of your own?

It’s hard to resist a starter in an Indian curry house. Especially the crunchy papadom that comes with a range of chutneys. Mango, mint or mixed chutneys with crunchy papadams is a great way to start the tasty curry night and the conversations with your near and dear. A papadom with a variety of chutneys is just the start, you have so many varieties of starters that are sure going to make you enjoy the full flavours.

Choosing Curry Starters

Find here what each starter means to you before you order...