Paneer Tikka Starter

Paneer tikka is grilled skewer of spicy marinated cottage cheese cubes. Paneer is cottage cheese, made by reducing the milk using sour agents such as lime or lemon juice or vinegar. Square pieces of paneer are marinated in Indian spices infused yogurt sauce and grilled in a tandoor using skewers. Paneer tikka is the alternative to chicken tikka for the vegetarians.

Chunky cut peppers and onions also skewered in between the marinated paneer cubes to grill for a perfect paneer tikka starter. Enjoy this paneer tikka as a starter if you are a fan of cheesy bites, it will be a great addition to your curry night experience.

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Paneer Tikka Starter

In general, a tikka starter is considered to be hot - as the name suggests (tikka in Hindi is ‘hot’ or ‘spicy’). But Paneer tikka is not as hot as it looks since the yogurt based tikka marinade in cottage cheese soaked well and tastes milder with full of exotic flavours.

Paneer is rich in calcium and a great vegetarian option. Paneer tikka contains aromatic spices for the addictive flavour. The presence of chunky cut bell peppers and onions make paneer tikka a healthy option as a tasty Indian starter.

Paneer is a milk product, hence paneer tikka is not suitable for vegans, but only for vegetarians.

The alternative is tofu tikka, a soy based protein rich item for vegans.

Paneer tikka is a north Indian starter dish mostly served in Pure Vegetarian Punjabi restaurants in most cities across the country.

Sizzling paneer tikkas served with numerous green chutneys and fresh salads. Mint and mango chutneys really enhance the slightly spicy paneer tikka flavours. Tomato ketchup is also a good try with paneer tikkas.

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