Indian Mangoes 2024

Indian Summer and Indian mango are synonymous to each other.

In India, the arrival of summer isn’t just marked by rising temperatures, it’s heralded by the much-anticipated mango season. The king of fruits, as it’s fondly called, transforms the landscape and the national palate with its vibrant colours, intoxicating aroma, and explosion of flavours.

The season typically begins in March, with the appearance of the Alphonso, a prized variety known for its delicate sweetness and creamy flesh. This early arrival is a cause for celebration, with markets overflowing with the golden fruit and kitchens buzzing with preparations for delectable treats. Aam panna, a refreshing summer drink made with mango pulp, becomes a staple, quenching thirst and offering a burst of sunshine in a glass.


Introduction to Indian Mango Varieties

As the season progresses, a kaleidoscope of other varieties unfolds. The Dasheri, with its golden hue and fibrous texture, is a favourite for its versatility, enjoyed fresh or used in desserts like mango lassi, a creamy yoghurt-based drink. The Langra, a vibrant green mango with a tangy sweetness, adds a delightful twist to pickles and chutneys. Each variety boasts its own unique character, catering to a diverse range of preferences.

Indian Mango Varieties
Alphonso King of Fruit Indian Mango

Mango season transcends mere consumption; it’s a cultural phenomenon. Families gather under the shade of mango trees, sharing stories and laughter as they relish the juicy fruit. Streets teem with vendors selling mangoes in all their shapes and sizes, the air thick with the sweet-citrusy aroma. The vibrant colours of the fruit – from sunshine yellow to blushing pink – add a festive touch to markets and homes.

Delightful Mango Season Is Here

However, the season is a fleeting treasure. By July or August, with the arrival of the monsoon rains, mangoes become a cherished memory. Yet, the anticipation for their return begins even as the last bite is savoured. People preserve the essence of the season in pickles, chutneys, and dried slices, ensuring a taste of summer lingers throughout the year.

Indian Mango Season
Indian Summer Indian Mango Season

The Indian mango season is more than just a harvest; it’s a sensory experience and a cultural touchstone. It’s a reminder of the bounty of nature, the joy of shared experiences, and the promise of a delicious return in the coming year.

Types of Indian Mangoes

India, the land of mangoes, boasts an incredible variety of over 1500 mango varieties, each with its distinct taste, shape, colour, and season. Here are some of the most popular ones you might encounter during the Indian mango season:

Indian Mango Types
Indian Summer 2024 Indian mango types

The “King of Mangoes,” the Alphonso is a globally recognized variety known for its delicate sweetness, vibrant yellow skin with a hint of red blush, and creamy, melt-in-your-mouth flesh. Cultivated primarily in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, Alphonsos are prized for their rich flavour and aroma.

Kesar: Originating from Gujarat, Kesar mangoes are another highly sought-after variety. Nicknamed the “Queen of Mangoes,” Kesar mangoes boast a vibrant yellow skin and exceptionally sweet, juicy flesh with a saffron-like fragrance.

Dasheri: Hailing from Uttar Pradesh, the Dasheri mango is a crowd-pleaser. These golden yellow mangoes are known for their perfect balance of sweetness and a slight tang, along with a fibrous-free flesh, making them ideal for eating fresh or using in desserts.

Chaunsa: If you have a sweet tooth, the Chaunsa mango from Bihar is for you! These oval-shaped mangoes have greenish-yellow skin that ripens to a golden yellow. The flesh is exceptionally sweet, creamy, and rich, and some say it creates a “sucking sensation” when eaten, which is where the name Chaunsa comes from (Chaunsa translates to “sucker” in Hindi).

Banganapalli: Andhra Pradesh’s Banganapalli mango is a true delight. With golden yellow skin and firm flesh, Banganapallis offer a delightful sweetness that’s perfect for eating fresh or using in chutneys and preserves.

This is just a small sampling of the incredible diversity of Indian mangoes. As you explore the markets during mango season, keep an eye out for other interesting varieties like Langra, known for its tangy sweetness, or the vibrantly coloured Neelam mango. Each mango offers a unique taste and texture, making the Indian mango season a true celebration of flavour!

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