The fertile delta, the magnificent Bengal tiger, exotic curries and tasty ‘rosogolla’ sweet dishes, and many more world famous wonders are part and parcel of Bengal, the north eastern state of India. Bengalis, the native people of Bengal are very particular about the food they eat and hence recognised world over as the people ‘who live to eat’. River Ganga (Ganges) flows through the region and provides the source of fish and rice – the staple food of Bengal.


Bengal’s rich culture, literature and cuisine has earned popularity all over the world. Its colours, tastes and sights all contribute to the uniqueness of Bengal. That also reflects in the food of Bengalis – from mild dishes to fiery spice ones, and many middle types you can find.


Recipes to try:

Bengali Fish Curry
Achari Murgh
Chicken Korma
Chicken Balti
Aloo Korma
Chingri Malaikari