5 scary curry recipes for Halloween 2016

Britain’s national dish, Chicken Tikka is no more a hot and dreaded curry. Although ‘Tikka’ means ‘hot’ it no longer takes place in the hottest curry lists. At Curry2Night, we compiled these top 5 scary curry recipes for you to enjoy Halloween this year. Never ask the trick-or-treaters to taste them though! Strictly for the curry lovers only. Keep plenty of sweets for those lovely kids, please…

These recipes are guaranteed to scare the hell out of you!


Not sure whether this dish originated in south Indian capital city, Madras (now Chennai) but, a popular weekend curry for the brave here in Britain. You gotta be daring to taste, possibly after a few drinks. A fairly hot curry with lots of chillies and black pepper powder to give you a decent ‘kick’. Contains all the aromatic spices including turmeric, ‘hing’ or asafoetida and Tamarind. Tamarind gives a sour/sweet taste while an amount of curd or yogurt balances the heat of chillies. If you want to start the hot curry adventure, cook one yourself, the recipe for Chicken Madras is here



Born in the kitchens of Goa and Konkan region of India, but derived from the Portuguese during the colonial times. Vindaloo in Portuguese is essentially garlic and wine marinated meat, but as it came to India, the local Goan cooks spiced it up with Indian spices and vinegar. It became an instant hit and brought back to Europe as an exotic Indian curry dish. Particularly in Britain, popular curry houses of midlands adopted this dish as fiery and spicy Indian curry to attract the brave and ‘want it more’ customers. Pork Vindaloo is a good try and taste. A real scary dish for this Halloween. Give it a go, the recipe is here.



This is a region of India in the state of Bombay (now Mumbai) is famous for hot and spicy dishes. Hence the dish is called ‘Kolhapuri’. Good amount red chilli powder and rich and local spices are generously added while cooking these recipes. Although Veg Kolhapuri (vegetarian Kolhapuri) is quite popular in many restaurants across the Indian subcontinent, but chicken or lamb Kolhapuri is sought after curry back in Britain. Truly it is a feast for routine curry tasters. Hot, spicy and colourful, Kolhapuri dishes sure to make your taste buds get excited and give a challenging proposition for the halloween night curry experience. Cook yourself the chicken Kolhapuri and scare your friends to gain the title of curry star.


Laal Maas

Literally ‘Laal’ means red and ‘Maas’ is meat. That gives an idea of what Laal Maas recipe is all about – red and meaty. This Rajasthani recipe from the north western state of India is a celebration for the hot curry lovers. Originally it was a Royal dish where wild game meats were used but now mainly mutton is considered the favoured meat. Plenty of garlic, and tangy ‘Kachri’ powder gives an inviting taste to this fiery curry recipe. Always served with Chapati or Naan to keep the authenticity. Enjoy halloween with this local hot curry!



This is the ultimate hot and scary curry for our Halloween 2016! Lot of hottest chillies like scotch bonnet or habanero and a good amount of ginger give the satisfying and exploding hot taste to this curry dish. Only the darest of the dare ever try this in Britain and the tales of this curry came into news for its notoriety. Caution is advised when tasted this curry. A top slot for this hot and scary curry dish in our halloween list.


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