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Kulfi is the Indian version of dense frozen ice cream dessert which is rich and rewarding. Served either on a stick or in a pot, this hard to melt dessert is a feast for your taste buds. Available in many exotic flavours like pistachio, rose, mango, and in luxury spice variations like saffron and cardamom, kulfi is a must try dessert after your spicy mains in curry night.

Kulfi is usually made from the whole milk by slow cooking and adding expensive spices like saffron, cardamom, and luxury nuts like almonds, pistachios and cashews. Traditionally this dessert is served in earthen pots to provide the authentic taste.

If you are too nervous to order a dessert in an Indian restaurant, then is the one to order as your safe bet. It won’t come under the category of ‘too-sweet-to-taste’, since it is the luxury Indian version of ice cream.

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About Kulfi Dessert

Authentic recipe involves using whole milk and luxury nut selection for the inviting creamy taste. Recently evaporated milk powder with fine corn flour became the choice of kulfi preparation for ease and convenience.

Most traditional recipes suggest boiling full fat milk on slow flame for an extended time to create a dense and rich mixture to freeze for a delicious kulfi.

The flavouring ingredients vary from region to region and from season to season. Most common spices are saffron and cardamom for taste, aroma and colour.

It is not any exaggeration to say the kulfis are healthier than other desserts or ice creams you buy from supermarkets. That is because it does not contain any preservatives, but healthy nuts and luxury aromatic spices. The rich content of pure milk gives kulfi creamier taste without any artificial colours or additives.

Traditional kulfi is made from dairy milk, but vegan kulfis are becoming popular and widely available these days. Simply replacing the dairy milk with almond or hazelnut milk results as good and tastier than the original recipe.

Main ingredients in kulfi are milk, sugar, aromatic flavouring spices like cardamom, saffron, etc and healthy nuts or flavouring fruit extracts. The flavouring fruit and nut choices create many types of kulfis like pistachio, mango, almond, kesar (saffron) and more.

The way this luxury Indian ice cream dessert is made gives a clue to enjoy it too. Milk boiled on slow heat for a longer time so that it is reduced to a dense and rich mixture that is frozen before adding the flavours.

Expect a thick and creamy ice cream that can be eaten like a luxury dessert either on a stick or in a pot.

Of course, it is possible to prepare kulfi at home. It is a simple recipe, but you need a bit of time and passion for making it at home. The good part of it is, you can choose the ingredients and control the sweetness. If you are vegan, then it is better to make at home.

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