Chicken Pathia

Pathia is a colourful, flavourful and excitingly hot Indian curry main dish that is considered very special for lavish occasions. This is not a usual curry ordered routinely from any curry house. Specially served by a handful of fine dining restaurants and posh takeaways in any chosen locality.

Not only pathia dishes appear gorgeous with bright hot colours, but also taste brilliant with rich flavours. Its rich history and fine ingredients impress our taste buds.

Our urge for a spicy curry is satisfied with pathia curry.

Inspired by Persian cuisine and perfected by Indian homegrown local spices, Pathia style preparations are the pinnacles of curry cooking. Hotness, a bit of sweetness and sourness – three different flavours combined in a unique way to present the timeless pathia dish for the ultimate curry experience.

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About Pathia Main

Prepared from the three differently flavoured ingredients - red hot chillies, tangy tamarind and sweet-tasting jaggery (or sugar) to produce a uniquely hot, invitingly sweet and surprisingly sour Indian curry dish called Pathia.

A celebration of locally grown traditional spices from the western state of India Gujarat and the ancient Persian cooking techniques create this superb curry dish to entertain you on the special occasions.

Pathia curry dish appears to be a hot curry by the looks of it, but the selection of fine ingredients like tamarind and jaggery render tangy sweet and sourness to invite mild curry lovers to taste it.

A perfect example of a medium hot curry that got character, flavour and above all centuries of historical importance. Pathia curry dish will certainly wow you with all its specialities to become your favourite curry on those celebrating occasions.

This unique tasting interestingly hot curry dish is full of plant based ingredients that contain goodness and flavours. We all know how much antioxidants are present in a fresh red hot chilli.

And the addition of tasty tamarind juice uplifts the health score of this main to make this into our 5 a day recipe of the week.

The beauty of Pathia curry is that it is versatile. You can prepare it with any of your favourite main ingredients. Chicken, lamb, fish, prawn or vegetarian pathia dishes are widely offered in selected fine Indian restaurants.

Most ordered is probably the chicken pathia, but the vegetarian variety of this dish is equally flavourful if you are a vivid vegan or a vegetarian fan.

Pathia is primarily a persian inspired Indian spiced curry that became popular in our British curry houses. Due to its unique blend of 3 different flavours and rich heritage of Persian heritage that got Gujarati links, it is rather a fusion curry recipe with a twist.

Taste and let us know what you think?

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