Indian Main Balti

A ‘balti’ is a round bottomed cast iron wok style bowl with two ‘ears’ used for cooking chicken, meat or vegetarian spicy dishes. The irony is, the meal cooked and often served in this balti style bowl referred to as ‘balti’ dish.

Originated from the north western region of Indian subcontinent, balti is an important traditional main in most curry houses, called ‘balti houses’. Balti dishes mainly use garlic-ginger paste, hot spices, and generous vegetables like tomatoes, bell peppers.

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About Balti Main

The Tibetian inspired fast cooking of single balti dishes might have originated in the north Indian states. But certainly balti is reinvented in Birmingham of West Midlands, UK. Hence the curry houses are called ‘balti houses’ in the Birmingham region.

Birmingham’s balti triangle is a renowned place to try delicious balti dishes.

The creative chefs of Birmingham balti houses offer you mild, medium or extra spicy options to try a balti dish. Usual spices like garam masala, turmeric powder, coriander powder and chilli powder along with cloves and cardamom used in a balti result in a hot curry.

But, you can ask for a milder balti if you want to enjoy the fast-cooked sizzling balti with unique flavours.

Balti is considered as a healthy curry dish since healthy spices like turmeric powder, garam masala are used and it contains generous vegetables like tomatoes and bell peppers along with the main ingredient like chicken, meat, seafood or paneer.

Balti is flavoursome with your day to day vegetables making it your choice of healthy curry.

Balti is a classic curry main cooked in round bottom cast iron woks. And also served in stainless steel Balti bowls for a different look. The most suitable side for enjoying a hearty balti is rice, but an addictive garlic naan as a companion with balti does not disappoint you.

A curry night is not complete with a balti main and beer!

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