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‘Korma’ is one of the best mains to start your curry night, even if you are not completely new to the curry world! Korma is a very mild and creamy curry main that is full of flavours and rich aromas. Traditionally a korma sauce is prepared with exotic spices and yogurt for infusing the main ingredient like chicken, meat, seafood or vegetable.

Lavish korma curries are cooked with almond, cashew or other luxury ingredients. Coconut milk is also used if required and gives rich flavour for the dish. Chicken korma is a great example of korma curries to exhilarate your senses.

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About Korma Curries

Mildness in korma is the result of cooking main ingredients in a creamy sauce prepared using yogurt and subtle spices like cardamom, coriander and cumin powders. In Britain, curry houses enhance korma dishes by using sauce made of luxury nuts like almonds, cashew and pistachio.

If you are not a fan of typical hot and spicy curries, but like to taste the flavours of mild spices with rich and creamy ingredients, then korma is the best one to try. Aromatic spices like cardamom, coriander and cumin powders and combined with rich nut based sauces, korma is a milder and flavourful curry dish.

Although traditional korma is prepared using yogurt and cream, calorie conscious individuals and vegan enthusiasts prefer luxury nut based sauces. Healthy coconut milk option is a great way to enjoy korma in south Indian style. So the answer is yes, korma is vegan when you go for plant based creamy sauces.

Most popular korma dish is chicken korma. Vegetable korma, lamb and king prawn korma are also enjoyed in curry houses and takeaways. Authentic vegetarian korma is Navratan korma, although it is a bit sweeter.

Some of the korma dishes are deliberately made to please the folks who love addictive sweetness in curries. Take navratan korma, a vegetarian korma dish that is cooked with raisins (or sultanas) and creamy korma sauce. But, not all the korma dishes are sweet.

Korma curries go well with the garlic-coriander naan or pulav rince. It’s such an addictive and celebrative dish that makes you enjoy your curry night thoroughly!

Milder curries are a great place to start your curry voyage. Korma is one of the curry dishes you might like to try before you become a fan of curry flavours. But, that does not mean that korma is only for amateurs! In fact, the devout curry fans lately are ordering more korma dishes than tikka masalas.

The reason for such fan following for korma dishes is the subtle spicy flavours with rich and creamy sauces making the main ingredient so delicious.

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